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College life is reminiscent of fun, mass bunks, assignments, exams and sometimes even a lot of fighting, but there are still a lot of ways to make your college a better place to remember- maybe if you earn a few dollars. To help you make some good memories with good money in college allows you to sell out your used but useful products that might be of some help for your juniors.

The bond between a senior and a junior in college is supposed to be a tough one but it turns out to be a strong one over the years; why shouldn't you take the first step towards this friendship and make some profit for yourself. The extra income that you earn by selling your used goods will help you make some extra pocket money. You can sell your products and make money according to the last use of the product, quality and condition. While the girls can use this money for their shopping, the boys can use it to buy their weekend movie tickets.

The entire idea of is based out on one complete good thing- Make easy money in college and reminisce of all the good old days that you've spent there. We at allow you to create an account where you can add a list of your used products with their price, the ad will be accessible to all people in the college and deals will be fixed and finalized there. We're making an endeavour to help you out; stay tuned with us for as many years as you want!!!

Strategy, User Experience, Interface Design, Development, Analytics, Marketing


"I've been super impressed. I didn't have much of an idea what to expect going into this, with working with an outside web design firm as the closest prior experience. So I gotta say, I'm kind of blown away at how quickly things are progressing."

-Aaron Powell, Research Fellow at The Cato Institute
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