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About Us

Turning Ideas Into Reality

Devoy Softech is a creative Information Technology services company; founded in 2017. We help various industries and businesses by establishing and expanding their brand in a complete digital transformed way that converts potential leads into clients for them.
We believe that the foundation of any mission guarantees its result. We invest enough energy & time in tuning in to your idea and understanding your requirements to build up a strategy that would turn out best for you.

Our team comprises of experienced and dedicated technical expertise. We research your idea, customize, and design it as per your requirements, develop and deliver it using the best technology and platforms, which leads us in this competitive digital age.
We offer a range of services & products like Web Development, Web Designing, App Development, UX/UI designing, Search Engine Optimization, eCommerce, and Digital Marketing.
We also work side-by-side in Healthcare, and Human Resource sectors. We recruit the right workforce for you, understanding your internal HR policy that fits the way you run your business.

Our Values

Our Values

We are driven by passion and domain expertise. We work obstinately towards client satisfaction.

The Credo

- At Devoy, we enhance the quality of life with our Golden Pillars. We take care of the fulfillment of our employees and the client’s aspirations.


- At Devoy, “We are Professionals Serving Professionals.” This motto reflects by our all employees.

Company Standards

- Our all Clients are our company’s essential part. Therefore, investing in our people is our priority. Our Company standard is to deliver the best output rich in end-user experience and significantly advantageous to clients. Every decision we make is always aligned with the company's core values and standards, which assures credibility.

Golden Pillars:-

- We believe a better human keeps the environment even better. Our values help taking better personal actions that make a better human being.

Clear Communication :

- It’s necessary to have clear communication in our work to avoid any confusion as it directly affects employee productivity. Employee engagement and knowledge sharing develop a healthy & clear communication work culture.

Free Will :

- At Devoy, free will is in the DNA of work, which makes our employees love what they do; they remain dedicated and more productive. Eliminating the innovation bridge of every employee, we encourage them to be more innovative and deliver exceptional results.

Appreciation :

- Every employee represents our company to the marketplace or any individual. We appreciate our employees and value their every approach to make a difference for the better.

Motivation :

- Motivation follows appreciation. We make sure every employee remains filled with motivation & work with dedication with free will.

Our Core Value

- At Devoy, our professionals are our most important resource. We blossom with a culture of Vigor and Accountability. Our “Golden Pillars” remain our everyday parameters to vivify every one of us with the company’s culture each day Irrespective of Role & Location. We follow the principles of Respect, Integrity, Belief & Commitment. We support and boost the ability of each employee and the client.

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